Rector, Trincomalee Campus, Eastern University, Sri Lanka.




Mr. V. Kanagasingam

BBA (Hons), M.Sc (Management), PhD (Reading)

Rector, Trincomalee Campus

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Message from the Rector

University is a place to generate, transfer and disseminate knowledge to fit the requirements of the nation and the world as whole. Trincomalee Campus is located in a natural city of the Eastern coast of Sri Lanka. The Campus marches towards to be the national centre of excellence for higher learning and research to respond to the dynamics of the regional and global needs in the knowledge based economy. It would be Residential Campus for learning and research. Interaction with all internal and external stakeholders of the Campus, it serves to uplift the states of the university in every aspect, such as


  • * Producing social oriented global graduates for matching with requirements of regional, national and international levels.

* Promoting social and commercial Researches to enhance the knowledge utilisations for the uplifting the standard of living of the people of the nation.

* Developing Campus – Industry Linkages to provide practical knowledge to students and staff to understand industrial environment and facilitate industrialists to solve their work related issues through academics capabilities.

* Ensuring Institutional autonomy, Academic freedom, Accountability and good governance in the campus.

* Maintaining constructive relationship with all internal and external stakeholders with mutual benefits.

* Bridging the Campus - community networks and contribute to the regional and national development and work closely with the governmental organizations and other entities in the region to ensure quality life of the people of the Province and the nation.

* The academic community of the Campus of Eastern University, Sri Lanka is eagerly expecting the stakeholders’ contribution to achieve the above objectives.

Vallipuram Kanagasingam