The International Journal of Integrative Sciences (ISSN 2536-8354) is published semi-annually by Trincomalee Campus, Eastern University, Sri Lanka.
Objectives: The principal objective of the journal is to provide a medium for disseminating findings of study and research addressing issues, practices and development in Multidisciplinary Science. This journal is open to scholars and practitioners to publish their work in the field of Multidisciplinary Science. Thereby, we invite them to submit their articles so that this publication will be a platform for networking and sharing of empirical and theoretical research experiences on the issues in the society.



In its formative years the Trincomalee Campus functioned as an Affiliated University Collage(AUC) operating under the umbrella of affiliated colleges funded by the University Grants Commission in the early nineties to help those to whom the conventional universities closed their doors.  Read More.....

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