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Formation of Ever Challenging Intellectual Capital to the innovative Scientific World.

Faculty of Applied Science with its dedicated vision aims to offer up-to-date scientific programmes that provide employment opportunities in the real innovative world through systematic theoretical foundation and proper scientific training and research works in the practical environment.

To produce employable graduates in response to the changing needs of the nation and globe

To encourage the application and practices of the science knowledge

To improve and strengthen the applied skills of science education

To provide services to fulfill the technological needs of the region

About us
Faculty of Applied Sciences of the Trincomalee Campus, Eastern University, Sri Lanka (EUSL) was notified by the gazette published in 2001. The Campus has two faculties, namely the Faculty of Communication and Business Studies and the Faculty of Applied Sciences and a Unit of Siddha Medicine. The Faculty of Applied Sciences has two departments which are Computer Science and Physical Science. The Unit of Siddha Medicine was attached with the Faculty of Applied Science since 2014, as the unit cannot offer the degree without functioning under a faculty.



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